The elections in France aren’t quite over yet. There’s one more, but it’s limited to the members of the Assemblée Nationale. On 26 June they’ll vote for their Président. The most recent one was Bernard Accoyer. Who’ll be the next? The favourite is Claude Bartolone of the Parti Socialiste.

Marion Maréchal Le Pen

This week the new députés, freshly elected last week, have been settling in and undergoing various formalities before properly rolling their sleeves up and getting to work. There are 422 men and 155 women, making up the total of 577. The ratio of men to women is about 3 to 1, but this varies amongst the parties. The Parti Socialiste has a ratio of slightly better than that overall average, but the UMP, Sarkozy’s old party, is only 1 in 7. It’s not a figure to be proud of, especially when there are more women than men in France as a whole – 32.7 million femmes as oppose to 30.7 hommes. However, having 155 women brings France’s government up from 69th to 34th in the world for this criteria. Three we’re tipped to watch amongst these ladies are Elizabeth Guigou (PS), Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (UMP)  and Marion Maréchel Le Pen (FN – and not to be confused with her aunt Marine Le Pen, to whom she bears a striking resemblance).

There are 289 socialists altogether in the Assemblée Nationale, either PS members or some of their allies, so French Président (of the Republic as opposed to the Assembly) François Hollande and his Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault should have a fairly easy time of getting their wishes made law. One of these concerns autoentrepreneurs and which I’ll be blogging about in the very near future …