I’ve already talked about walnuts and chestnuts in recent blogs. Suffice it to say that we’re still gathering walnuts like crazy and I’m spending about an hour a day cracking them. I’m leaving Chris in charge of the chestnuts.

So – two different sort of nuts today – hazelnuts and peanuts.

I noticed this afternoon that a couple of my small hazelnut trees were producing another flush of catkins and buds. I don’t think this is normal for this time of year. The trees are taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to produce more fruit.

I decided it was time to find out how my peanut crop has done. From the top the plants don’t look up to much. They were rather overtaken by thistles which thrive in our vegetable patch. We shall continue to battle against them though.

The first peanut plant I dug up had nothing to show, but here’s the second one.

A definite crop of peanuts, but they’re not mature. I shall leave my other four plants for another month or so before I harvest them. And next year I shall certainly grow a pot of peanuts in the polytunnel.

Our pumpkins are pathetic this year. There could be several reasons for that. 1 – the dry summer. 2 – the soil. Last year we grow them on an old llama poo compost heap and they did brilliant. This year we moved them to a new area and didn’t dig much manure in. 3 – the fact we grew them from seed we saved from last year’s pumpkins. However, they’re a lovely, bright orange which will bring some nice colour to Hallow’een, and anyway, smaller pumpkins are said to have a better flavour than larger ones. This year’s soup will be even tastier than last.

Maybe the kids will eat it this time round. For some strange reason, they’re not pumpkin soup fans …

(Apologies if you called by the blog yesterday and found it gone. Blue Host, server providers, claimed they were down for maintenance for a big chunk of the day.)