A lot of people blog in France. Blogs are brilliant – each on a is a unique slice of life, and each one is fascnating. If it’s particularly slices of French life you’re after, then start your search for more blogs to enjoy – apart from this one of course! – at the wonderful A Taste of Garlic website (www.atasteofgarlic.com). Keith Eckstein has put together a comprehensive list of French bloggers. He’s added a useful search feature – Articles by Category – which allows you to hone in on the area of France you’re  most interested in reading blogs about. Click on it, and you’ll find Keith’s reviews of blogs based in that area. The website also has a recommended reading section which is excellent.

Anyway, thinking about all these bloggers,  I wondered what a good collective noun would be for us. I love collective nouns – a murder of crows, a charm of goldfinches, a labour of moles, and a pace of donkeys are just a few great examples.  Now, for bloggers? A creativity of bloggers? An originality of bloggers? Most definitely a brilliance of bloggers! But there’s a sense of comaraderie amongst bloggers. We comment thoughtfully on each others’ blogs because we genuinely enjoy reading what fellow bloggers are writing about. So, an encouragement of bloggers? A friendship of bloggers? Maybe we should reflect the French element – an amitié of bloggers, an inventivité of bloggers? But what about the bad times, when we can’t think of anything to write (a slog of bloggers), when we’re getting behind with our blog (a backlog of bloggers), or we want to let off steam about something annoying us (a grump of bloggers) or we’ve had a bad ‘too-much-bureaucracy’ sort of day (a depression of bloggers)?

Let me have your suggestions please!