We’ve had a baby explosion at Les Fragnes. Two litters of guinea pigs and one rabbits have been born in the last two days. And this morning Victoria the llama arrived. She is so named because today is Victory in Europe Day. We were about to set off to the ceremony in Nouzerines when we spotted that Katrina was in labour.

Here are mother and daughter having their first proper look at each other!

Hi! Who are you?

Update, Sunday 9 May. Victoria is still steadfastly refusing to suckle so we have been feeding her on colostrum and now goat’s milk. That’s supplemented by as much llama milk as we can get from Katrina. She is being so patient with us. Llamas are not the easiest creatures to milk – their teats are very small and positioned very high up between their back legs. Very tricky to get at, which partly explains Victoria’s struggles.

Caitlin busy milking Katrina