The Nouzerines Fete is nearly here, and it promises to be even more lively than usual. The sad thing is that the last few years have seen rotten weather for the two days it’s on. However, at present the forecast is good for the 5th and 6th of June.

I love fetes, and always have. The highlight of the year when I was a child in Ipswich was the Co-Op Fete in Christchurch Park. It was brilliant! The French ones we’ve been to have been mainly very small-scale affairs, but there’s something about the atmosphere I love. The stalls are often tacky and, these days, hideously expensive, but who cares! The refreshments are usually 99% sugar but my system can take it. The children tire of wandering around aimlessly way before I do. They just don’t get fetes.

Now, I need help please. One of the children’s activities at Nouzerines is fancy dress for bicycles. I cheerily signed up a month or so ago, thinking I’d have loads of ideas, but my creativity has completely dried up. (Hence no blog for nearly a fortnight either.) If anyone has ever done anything similar, or has a brilliant suggestion, do please let me know! I’ve thought about a dragon or the World Cup mascot Zakumi (a green and yellow leopard – I was convinced he was a lion till I came across an official description of him!), but hmm, they’re not particularly awe-inspiring.

Au secours !