A spotlight on Ruadhri today.

Rors getting his white/yellow belt

Last Friday he finally got his longed-for promotion in judo from white belt to white and yellow belt. He’d been bitterly disappointed not to get that at the first grading of the year, but he hung in there and has  had his reward. He does still need to work at his forward rolls though, which I’ve mentioned before!

As well as his grading certificate, he got a special diplôme d’attitude au dojo. This is to reward kids for a good attitude towards their judo and encourage them to adopt a good moral code. This one recommends respect des lieux (knowing how to behave in the dojo), ponctualité (punctuality), entraide (helping the other students), politesse (politeness), hygiène (being clean and tidy),  convivialité (being courteous and co-operative), respect des personnes (respect for others) and perseverance (perseverance).

The livre pour l'été ceremony at St Marien school

And on Monday he received a book at school. For the second year running, the livre pour l’été scheme is underway. Every child in CM1 gets a book to read during the holidays. Last year it was a copy of La Fontaine’s fables, which Ruadhri knows inside out as his previous teacher was a tad obsessed by these poems! This year the children, around 800,000 of across France, are being given Neuf contes (Nine tales) by Charles Perrault, illustrated by d’Épinal. The latter is card-maker and woodcutter Jean-Charles Pellerin. As for Perrault, he was a famous writer born in 1628, so the language may be a little tricky. The Inspector who came to lead the ceremony at St Marien School mentioned something along those lines. Rors would probably have preferred a  Smurfs comic book, but it’s a very nice gesture by the government to encourage reading and to give the kids a bit of a boost. France is always prepared to invest in education, and I’m very proud of my adopted country for that.