Expats everywhere, please join in a blog hop on 23rd April. It’s intended as a bit of fun and to attract new readers to your blog. I’ve been in a couple of hops now and they really do draw in the crowds.

Please do a post on that day about anything at all to do with your life as an expat and offer a prize for one lucky winner whom you’ll pick at random, or a freebie for everyone. The freebie can be a local recipe, list of tips for expats, screensaver – anything along those sort of lines that you can create easily and freely and so won’t bankrupt yourself dishing out! If you opt for a prize, again, don’t go mad. Something worth a few euros is more than adequate. This isn’t a mega serious marketing drive after all.

If you want to take part, please sign up below – the bit where it says ‘Click here to enter’. This list closes on 21st April. On the 22nd, I’ll send you a list of all participating blogs to put on your site below your post on the 23rd so that folk can hop off to the other blogs who are signed up. That’s how the thing works!

Please join in. The more the merrier. Any queries, give me a shout via the comments below or the contact form.