Normally by this time of year I’ve put away the warmest of the winter woollies and trousers and started retrieving our summer outfits. It’s usually the time to think about new sandals for Ruadhri’s ever-growing feet and maybe a couple of new t-shirts and some shorts for us all.

But not this year. Even though shops are displaying their bikinis and summer outfits now they’re not that tempting when it’s 2 degrees Celsius outdoors.

However, maybe it was different 101 years ago. Maybe poeple were browsing for or sewing their summer shirts and dresses. I came across the cover of a Galeries Lafayette brochure for 1912 amongst all our old newspapers. Sadly I can’t find the contents. However, here are scans of the front and back since they’re wonderful.

galeries lafayette 1912 cover

galeries lafayette 1912


It’s rather nice to think that here in deepest darkest rural Creuse, the lady of the household had her sights set on some Parisian fashions for the season.