It’s a celebratory week from 14th to 20th October. Quite enthusiastically in the UK, but less so in other parts of Europe, Wool Week is underway. In France there’s a lot more emphasis on Semaine du Goût – no surprise there. However, it depends a lot on where you live. Here in Creuse only Bourganeuf is getting into the spirit of things with a cookery competition, various exhibitions and the Franco-Britannique group there is running a tea room to introduce the natives to the joy of proper tea. And so they should! Other towns and cities are getting much more excited about it, but that’s Creuse for you!

Not being a foodie, Wool Week is much more my thing. Wool Week is about all things wool and woolly related. Like alpacas!

llamas4sale wiggo

But, as I’ve hinted, France isn’t too fussed about the fluffy stuff. So I’ll be celebrating alone. Well ok, I’ll be doing my usual sock knitting pre-bedtime once I can finally close the computer down for the evening. Which is sort of celebrating. Maybe I’ll finally pluck up courage to join the knitting ladies at the Café in Boussac. They meet on Tuesday afternoons and I’ve seen them a few times but they’re the sort of knitters who can rustle up a bedspread in an afternoon and I’m not quite in their league!

I’m finishing off a long overdue second sock and then I’ll be embarking on some Christmas knitting. Using these wonderful wools. I’m a Van Gogh fan so coming across these Opal yarns which are dyed in the colours that match some of his greatest paintings was a Very Happy Moment. Starting to knit with these will make my Wool Week special.