It’s time to tell you about Serge le lama. Not Serge Lama, the French singer, but his four-legged camelid namesake who is currently far more popular.

On Halloween night, five lads reeled out of a nightclub in Bordeaux and happened to pass a circus on their way home. And who did they spy? Serge, the circus’s llama. They decided to ‘borrow’ him and took him for a stroll through the city. And this involved a tram journey. Serge took it all in his stride, as llamas do. I imagine he probably quite enjoyed it. Llamas are curious animals by nature so he was no doubt rather thrilled to experience Bordeaux’s public transport system.

The tram driver wasn’t as delighted and called for an inspector to come and deal with things for him. The inspector removed Serge from the train and tied him to a lamppost at one of the stations. The five revellers took the opportunity to disappear quickly, but were later rounded up by the gendarmes.

This Twitter pic went viral

This Twitter pic went viral

The circus owner was all for pressing charges against the lads, but thanks to social media, news of Serge on the tram had already spread far and wide on Twitter and Facebook (check out Serge’s fan club) and the next day crowds of interested people swept down to the circus to see the famous Serge for themselves. The owner magnanimously decided not to take legal action and I imagine saw his ticket sales surge. (Pun intended!)

My llamas want to know when they can go on a tram. But sadly, here in Creuse even far less exciting buses are few and far between and don’t come anywhere near the farm, so I’ve had to disappoint them. They shrugged good-naturedly but they’ve been in a huddle ever since and I’m pretty sure they’re plotting their own publicity stunt…

PS Caiti was at home with us and has a watertight alibi!