Living in a foreign language inevitably brings confusions and misunderstandings, and today we had our biggest one. 800 kg worth in fact!

We buy blé (wheat) for the pigs and chickens in 25kg sacks, getting four or five at a time from a small feed store in nearby La Cellette. However, as the number of pigs has grown, and as they’ve grown themselves along with their appetites, these trips have been becoming more and more frequent. And with fuel costs permanently increasing, well, it all starts adding up.

This is what we'll be getting! Pic from techni-contact website.

This is what we’ll be getting! Pic from techni-contact website.

We’d asked a couple of times about buying in a ‘big bag’, which is the French term for, well, a big bag! The business owner had looked into it for us and told us that he could get us an 800 kg bag. We told him we’d have to check if our trailer could take that weight. And it can’t, by a long way, so the last time we were at the shop we explained the situation and said we’d have to leave the idea for the time being. At least, we thought we did.

But obviously we didn’t, since this morning the phone rang about 8am and it was Mr Feedstore delightedly announcing that our big bag had arrived. Talk about shock! Anyway, I made vaguely grateful sounds before staggering to Chris to tell him the news.

We ran through a few scenarios. We could load the 800 kg on the trailer and hope for the best on the journey home. We could take shovels, open our big bag and fill the trailer with loose blé and make a few journeys between shop and home to deliver it all. We could take both cars and the trailer and a lot of empty sacks, fill the trailer with loose blé then fill the sacks with the rest and bring those in the cars in one trip. Or we’d see if we could persuade them to deliver it for us.

The last idea was clearly the best since even if we added a delivery charge, we were still saving a good bit of money buying in bulk. So we called out this afternoon and sorted it out. Our big bag will be arriving on Wednesday so that’s one very, very big misunderstanding all sorted out!