This weekend saw the great Cow Fest in Boussac. Every November there’s a big Charollais cattle reproducteurs show. You get to see rows and rows of spotless, coiffured bulls and cows ranging from huge to ginormous in size.

nov cow fest

There are also Charollais sheep and an assortment of hens, turkeys, pigeons and rabbits for variety, plus this year a handful of horses.

This is an Ardennes heavy  horse

This is an Ardennes heavy horse


We went on the Sunday this year, which is sales day. Critters both furry and feathered were being snapped up. I was a little tempted by a few of the chickens but November doesn’t seem the best month to be buying livestock in. There’s a tough winter ahead and if the poultry is only used to living indoors, then chilly outdoor farmyard life would come as a shock to them. Plus this fancy girl would have got very muddy.

cow fest silky

I’ll wait till spring to get a few fancy poules.

cow fest pekin

Boussac was in holiday mood with a market going on in the central square and the town was packed. This time of year i.e. winter, you can go for weeks without seeing a soul as everybody hunkers down.

The grue are still migrating. I finally managed to get a good photo of them. They’ve been sticking to night time or misty times to fly over this season, the meanies. I do love to see the cranes.

nov grues

Finally, here’s greedy Treacle getting stuck as she tries to break into the carp pellet store. It was definitely a HALP! moment. (If you speak lolcat, you’ll understand!)

treacle halp