Today’s post is thanks to Caiti who sent me this link. Follow it and you’ll find a map of France. Move your mouse over the area of interest and a pop-up list of the 10 most overconsumed foods or drinks there will appear. These are NOT the most eaten ten items for that département, but those whose consumption exceeds the national average the most.

gentianeSo let’s see, what do we eat and drink to excess in Creuse, compared with your average French person. The top three are drinks – Gentiane, Pineau and aniseed liqueur. Then come sugar and pâté (including rillettes and confit). More drinks – wine then sirop (squash) then port. Nine and ten are chicory and meat conserves. Well, the Dagg family hasn’t contributed to any of those over-indulgences. Neither Chris nor I touch any of those first three items with a bargepole. We only ever tried Gentiane, a bright yellow liqueur made from bright yellow flowers, once during a cycling trip, and once was enough. It was quite an experience. We do, however, buy sirop, but only a few bottles a year and we buy port at Christmas. And yes, we use sugar but not to crazy extremes. At least I don’t think so!

OK, so what about Bordeaux, where Caiti is. They’re much more restrained where alcohol is concerned. Only two beverages appear – armagnac and rum (at positions 4 and 10 respectively). Like Creuse the Bordelaisians over-indulge in pâté but most of their excesses are rather more classy. Frozen herbs (I’m not sure they even sell those in Creuse!), pre-prepared desserts and entrées all figure, which must surely reflect the fact that Gironde is a much more affluent area than Creuse.

And Paris? Département 75, the very heart of Paris, has excessive consumption of fruit juice, soup, vegetable juice, tequila, gin, salad, diet products, fresh milk, fresh pasta and tea. Sounds about right!

Do have a look. Like my fridge magnets, this is fascinating food-based social commentary.