Amongst the many things we found in the attic here at Les Fragnes when we moved in were lots of baby clothes. In particular there were dozens of baby bonnets. I washed them all but for five years they’ve been languishing in a sack in the barn. They’re too lovely to leave hidden away for ever, but I’m not sure what to do with them. Here are a few being modelled by Ruadhri’s toys.

They are all hand sewn and exquisite. Most of them have little ties to pull to make sure the bonnet is a snug fit on baby’s head.

See the little adjustable ties at the back?

This one has three rows of adjustable ties at the top to keep baby's head extra cosy

There are some cosy winter ones, and thin linen ones, I imagine for summer.

Bonnests for all seasons

My idea is to use them to scent drawers and wardrobes by sewing them up (carefully through the holes in the lace so I won’t damage the material) with a bar of soap inside. Chris thinks it’s a shame, but I’d rather so something with them then let them lie around for another five years, forgotten about.

Any ideas?