My annoying shoulder and neck problems finally drove me – very reluctantly – to the doctor’s again. I came out with a truckload of drugs, letters for a rheumatologist (yikes), a prescription for 10 sessions of physio (I foresee pain) and a neck brace (collier cervical).

My collier has come in a snazzy flesh shade. However, if I ever met anyone with this skin colour, I would run a mile as they would clearly be one of the undead.

I have to do something to brighten it up since it’s impossible to disguise it. Here are my ideas:

First, jewellery.

neck brace amber

Next a tie. I sent Caiti into the loft to fetch down Chris’s ties – souvenirs of our previous lives. He and Caiti are both wearing ties at the moment as a mark of solidarity with me! Rors (still off sick from school) took his off.

neck brace tie cat

A knitted sleeve. (This is one I made for a jar and it has ‘sucre’ knitted into it on the other side!)

neck brace knit

A fluffy stick-on bug.

neck brace bug

Badges and beads will be other ways to brighten it up. Or maybe I could sell advertising space on it! Any takers for that?

I could invest in a custom made cover as there are companies that make them, such as this crowd. However, I’m hoping I won’t be stuck in this thing for longer than it would take one to arrive from the States.

Any other deco suggestions are very welcome.