Back in March 2011, I did some research on whether you could eat llamas or not in France. I wasn’t hungry, I just wanted the official answer to a question that a lot of people asked us when they came to see the llamas. I didn’t manage to find a definitive answer at that stage.

But now I have, thanks to a recent trip to Auchan where I saw this:

Yup, you can eat llamas! But neither Windy, Grainne, Lulin, Setanta, Katrina, Fionn, Vicky, Diarmuid, Georgie, Gabriel and Oscar need know that, not to mention the alpacas Ciara, Plunkett, Wiggo, Mellie, Ellie, Seamus and Brendan. Ignorance is bliss!

(You can also buy zebra, antelope, wapiti, elan, camel, kangaroo and reindeer meat at Auchan too. Good news for all pigs, cows, sheep and chickens – the pressure seems to be coming off them!)