Side view of the Eglu and run

I must have had my Eglu for about seven years now, maybe longer. My what? Eglu – it’s a space age chicken house made by Omlet. Check out the website. The company now produces several versions of the Eglu and also houses for bees, rabbits and guinea pigs. I’m glad to see Omlet is doing so well. It deserves to. It produces top quality items.

Originally intended for our first two chickens in Ireland, Lady Egg and Princess Layla, the Eglu has since housed more chickens but also ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl, rabbits, guinea pigs and, currently, kittens. It’s incredibly versatile, totally secure and generally brilliant.

It was one of the few items that Irish couriers condescended to actually deliver to our house. We used to have a dreadful time with them back in Cork. They would avoid bringing anything out to you if they possibly could. We only lived a couple of miles outside Bandon, a small town, and around twenty miles from Cork City, but you’d think we were on the moon. The excuses we’d get for them not to come out – too far off the beaten track, not on our map (I even gave our GPS location to them sometimes), won’t be going that way again till 2012 … It was shameful. So I used to have to pick things up from the various depots. I gave up ordering stuff from Amazon altogether because we never got that. It was either nicked or sent back to the warehouse, the couriers claiming no-one was at home when they tried to deliver it. Grr. So it’s wonderful here in France where couriers’ vans turn up when expected and never have any trouble finding us, and we really do live in the middle of nowhere now. We were semi-suburban in comparison back at Finnis!

Back to Eglu related content. There was great excitement when Ruadhri and I collected our first two chickens all those years ago. Our neighbour Joy had told me about a lady who sold chickens, so we went out there with a cardboard box. I was rather stunned when the woman opened a shed literally packed with chickens, grabbed the two nearest by their legs and dropped them on their heads into our box. But I’m used to chicken management techniques now! And when we found our first egg in the nesting box of the Eglu the very next day, well, that was it. I was hooked on chickens. Lady and Princess were super chickens. They spent their holidays with Joy’s chickens every year, and the rest of the time free-ranged over our garden, and hardly missed a day with egg laying. Lady’s eggs won a prize at the Bandon Show one year. Classy chicken or what!

But for now, the kittens are comfy and cosy in the Eglu. We’ll keep them there another week or so until they’re properly settled in, and then move them out into one of the stables. I shall need the Eglu back for more chickens soon …