Last month, you may remember, we moved our Berkshire boar Oberon to his own field to separate him from the sows, Rosamunde and Portia. He got the hump for several days and ate the super pig house Chris had made for him out of insulation boards. Here’s what’s left of it.

Luckily it’s been warm and dry since then, so the temporary replacement shelter of two hay bales and some corrugated iron has been perfectly adequate.

But it’s starting to get chilly at nights now, and autumn is well and truly here. Time for a proper pig shelter.

So Chris got busy again today, but with non-edible (at least we hope) materials, metal clad insulation panels. He lugged them into position but Obie, who is on the spoilt side, wanted a fuss and kept getting in the way. So I was called in to keep him preoccupied. We started off with a brisk massage.

Then we moved on to some stroking.

For some variety, I fed him several pounds of apples next. Then we were back to petting, while work carried on behind us.

And we went for a walk.

Finally, the new des res was ready. And Obie has ignored it completely! You can just see his rear end poking out behind the right hand haybale. What a boorish boar.

New house on the left