Aha, I’m back. There have been a few hiccups at Lunar Pages’ end and I notice that my last post – Pancake Day, which was all about our first lamb of the spring called Pancake who was born on 4th March (Pancake Day) – has disappeared but here’s a photo of him to remind you. He’s a hefty, plump fellow now.

pancake in sun front 53

And here are Caesar and Brutus, who were born on the 14th. These little ones are Charollais, and very white and pink compared to Pancake, who’s a Charollais/Suffolk cross. They were both on their feet and suckling within a very short time of being born, much quicker than Pancake who was very dopey for quite a while.

14mar bothlambsup sunny

That seems to confirm that he was probably a difficult birth which is why Mrs Suffolk rejected Pancake’s sister, Mardi, who we weren’t able to save.

lambs mardi bleat

Whether Spot, our third ewe, will have lambs is anyone’s guess. She’s so woolly that we have no clue as to what’s going on underneath it all. We were convinced she was pregnant last year but nothing happened, although the ram, Lambo, wasn’t very well at mating time. Our new ram has so far given us two sets of twins so I’m quietly optimistic that he’ll make it a hatrick and Spot (I suspect she’s a Charollais/Suffolk cross) will have her lambs soon.

Meanwhile we’ll enjoy our trio of babies.

14mar lambsuck