I was half expecting some Easter lambs this year since Spot and Clover (or possibly she’s Cowslip – I can’t remember what name I originally gave her but I do know it’s a flower!) were still refusing to give birth, preferring to inflate to alarming proportions! And they’re still doing so, three days later.

However, we did get an Easter surprise – four turkey chicks. Officially they’re poults but chicks will do for me. Mrs T, our black turkey hen, has been sitting on eggs for a while. She originally started sitting on a nest of them under a bramble bush on the bank of Notaire’s Lake, but we relocated her and the eggs, with much hissing on her part, to a much safer place in the turkey shed. I wasn’t optimistic that the eggs were fertile since we didn’t think Mr T had a handle on what he was meant to do, judging from what he got up to with a couple of plastic containers, but we were maligning him. He’s now a dad.



I’m hoping my Rouges will follow suit and hatch some chicks. At the moment they’re laying. I had been putting their eggs in the incubator but a friend has told me that it’s best to leave the eggs alone because once there’s ten or so, the turkey hen will probably start sitting on them. Both Rachel and Rebecca are laying in the same place, so whoever gets broody first will get all the babies!

For now we’re leaving Mrs T and her littluns alone as much as possible, just visiting occasionally to top up the water and feed bowls and try to get some photos.

turkeylet single

However, whenever I go in with the camera, the chicks are snuggled under Mrs T’s feathers and I can only hear them cheeping. When I forget the camera, naturally they’re pottering around!

mrs t on eggs