Lots of you enjoyed Caiti’s cat scan from the other day, so here are a few more pets seen from an unusual angle. And rest assured – no animal was harmed in the making of this blog. In fact, they thoroughly enjoyed it. Treacle the cat’s scan didn’t come out properly because she insisted on laying down on the scanner, purring happily, while it was going on so all we got was some blurry fur.

A seriously non-stressed kitty

The chicken was merrily pecking the scanner cover during her session and the guinea pigs were sniffing the glass in unconcern. No psychological damage for anyone. And no unfortunate incidents involving waste matter either. Phew.

So here we go. First up, Michaela the guinea pig (named after Michael Jackson since she too has one white glove).

Next up, one of the white chickens.

A five-legged cat. Voltaire was fidgety.

Two more guinea pigs.

Sadly we ran out of animals to scan. All our other ones are way too big … So Caiti decided to scan her foot.

Definitely time to stop now!