Best of Blog in France is here! In fact, here at Smashwords to be precise. It’s my selection of the best posts and photos from the first two years of Blog in France. Yes, I’ve been blogging since July 2009, although only very intermittently to start with. Signing up for the WordPress Post a Day challenge in February this year made me into a dedicated daily (or nearly) blogger.

I’ve arranged the entries January to December, mixing the two years together, after playing around using various themes first. I like the calendar year organisation since it really gives a feel of what it’s like to live in rural France, going from the depths of bleak midwinter, to a usually late but gorgeous spring when everything springs to life again, through the heavy heat of summer, then into refreshing, colourful autumn before disappearing under snow come December.  Even in the twenty-first century, rural life is closely attuned to the seasons, and so are its residents.

So grab yourself a copy in your preferred ereader format. I think you’ll enjoy it. And so spread the word please!

This is my first non-fiction book, and also my first non-children’s book. It’s also something of a trial run for Heads Above Water. I wanted to experiment with how photos would come out and to see what sort of reaction there would be to a ‘living in France’ memoir.

It will be going up on Kindle shortly too. Smashwords distributes to Kindle but only extremely slowly so it’s more efficient to do it myself. Now, the book will have to start out at 99 cents at Amazon. However, once enough people bring to Amazon’s attention the fact that the same book is free elsewhere, they’ll make it free too, if only for a while. I’m hoping that will give ‘sales’ a big boost.

So, it’s an exciting time. I feel I’m finally becoming a serious indie author now. Still haven’t made any money from it yet though … !