It’s beginning to feel properly Christmassy here at last. Caiti came home from Bordeaux for the holidays this evening, and she came bearing gifts – some for going under the tree, but some for immediate consumption. Yum. The latter were têtes de choco (chocolate heads) – which are the French version of chocolate-coated marshmallows, a wonderful Danish invention. The first ones appeared around 1800 so we’ve now enjoyed 213 years of deliciousness.

Growing up in England, the foil-wrapped marshmallows were a special occasion treat. That was the Suffolk name for them; Chris has always referred to them as teacakes, which are what they’re called in Ireland too. For the sadly uninitiated, these little cakes consist of a thin round of shortbready base, a filling of what’s officially known as Italian meringue (fluffy white marshmallow) and the whole lot is coated in chocolate, either dark or plain.

Here in France têtes are huge, and come with a variety of fillings and sprinklings. Rors ate the white chocolate one before I took my photo and I had demolished the coconut one. I’ll leave those to your imagination.

For a recipe to try your own, then this one is good.