santa gate properOh no, oh woe, some thieving git

Has done a runner with St Nick!

For seven Noëls Santa’s survived,

Tied to the gate at the end of our drive,

Stoically, he’s clung on there

Fixing passers-by with his manic stare.

But someone’s done some St Nick nicking –

A strange Christmas spirit’s alive and kicking.

Freaky though he was, China’s best,

Our Santa with green mitts and specs,

And head that turned 360 degrees,

A kind of Christmassy Chucky –

We’ll miss him hanging on our gate

In snow and wind, early and late.

It’s not Noël without him there

Our poor old gate looks really bare.

So, before I become a total ranter,

I’m off to buy a replacement Santa.

This time we’ll wire him into position

And stuff him full of ammunition!