Here is a brilliant party game which will help you learn French. It’s called ‘Sky My Husband’ (Ciel Mon Mari) and is made by Interlude ( Benj gave it to his dad for Christmas and we’ve had lots of fun with it.

OK, it’s for 2-8 players aged 12 upwards (that’s just a guideline – our 9 year old loved it).  You have to guess the English expression from the literal French translation. There’s a clue if you’re finding it hard.

It’s wonderfully straightforward, a refreshing change from all those games where you spend hours just reading the instructions and in some cases never really understand the rules. (Or is that just me?) Anyway, each player takes a card and reads out the five expressions on it, one at a time, to see which of the other players can guess it. For example: flocons de maïs.

If no one gets it on the first reading, he/she reads out the clue – in our example, céréales/petit-déjeuner. And if still no-one gets it, time to read out the answer – here corn flakes (of course!). There are songs, pop groups, books, brand names as well as expressions. It’s an entertaining way to pick up some French and makes a great gift for any Francophile.

Benj is vague about how much it cost but I can’t think it’s very dear. Our eldest is not known for his generosity (but we still love him!).