Today it was le cross for Ruadhri – the school cross country event. And it had been a bit of a cross on his back too. He’s not a runner so he wasn’t looking forward to jogging for several kilometres. However, they’ve been training hard at school and he’s had lots of encouragement from the rest of us. He was grudgingly ready for it.

The do was due to start at 2pm and at midday the heaven’s opened. However, by half past one the rain stopped and it was merely foggy. We thought we’d better turn up, just in case by some remote chance it was still on although it was subject to cancellation if the weather was bad. And it began bucketing down again on our way into Boussac. We’d had a wasted trip, surely. I suggested we swing by the stadium to confirm that it was deserted before heading home.

The stadium was teeming with life, very soggy life. Le cross was going ahead. I’m not convinced this was a wise decision on the school’s part but it was the one they’d made. Resignedly we trudged through the downpour and sat ourselves down in a shelter with another expat parent to cheer our children on.

Rors race was the second one. Here he is setting off for the starting line with his friends. Rors is in the green jacket.

And here he is on the final stretch. He’d predicted he’d come last but there were four lads behind him so it was a major triumph! He did his best and ran all the way so we’re very proud of him for meeting the challenge. And we’re all glad it’s over for another year. We might have dried out by then…

There was a great atmosphere despite the rain. The kids all cheered each other on which was great to see and hear. Apparently one lad was disqualified, though, as his identifying number fell off on the way round. This seems an unduly harsh decision as I expect it just disintegrated in the rain and I’m pretty sure the school knew who he was! Poor kid.