This has to be the best November weather-wise we’ve experienced in our six and a bit years in France. It was tee-shirt weather today. Chris was out and about so Rors and I made the most of his afternoon off school to go for a nice colourful autumn walk around the farm.

We loved these pink berries.I think they’re spindle (Euonymus europaeus) which is poisonous so we’ll leave them well alone.

This year has seen a bumper crop of rose hips but I’m not tempted to make jelly with them. I tried last year and it failed miserably.

The trees are at their autumnal best this week. They don’t stay pretty for long sadly. They’ll be bare in no time. But for now they’re beautiful.

We said hi to the huarizos on our way round.

Katrina is on babysitting duty

And here’s a last look at the middle lake.