Naked what? Well, half a dozen people have ended up at my site as a result of using the search term ‘naked Eurovision’, with another person after ‘Eurovision nudity’. There is a definite obsession with nakedness out there! Other bizarre search terms have been ‘lucky dog Limousin’ and ‘Anita Brooknerish’. I used that last phrase in my non-review of The Naked Gardeners but I didn’t think anyone went looking for it on the Web! And ‘When is a pot de crème a custard’ is a little intriguing too.

You may have noticed I had Monday off blogging. I’ve been doing daily posts for three months now as part of the WordPress post-a-day 2011 challenge, and I’ve loved it. But it’s taken a lot of time, and I’ve decided to cut back to posting every other day for the time being so I can spend more time on my writing. In theory. The outdoor jobs are piling up around the farm, I have a new editing project, we have more meals packages to do for anglers next week, and not one but two of my sisters-in-law are arriving for a visit in just over a fortnight so I have rather a lot of tidying up to do around the house! And that’s on top of all the usual everyday stuff.

We’ve made a tiny start on the polytunnel. Long way to go yet!

Measuring up for the polytunnel


No baby llama still, but we do have a new baby guinea pig. The seven girls have been living in the gite flowerbed for several weeks now and having a high old time. They’ve done wonders with the weeds that were growing there. And one of them has had baby Julie! We’ve no idea who mum is yet. We’ll catch them all within the next few days and get them back into their cage. The cats are showing rather too much interest in Julie for our liking.

Now big drum roll … daughter Caiti has come joint second in a national French science competition. She got 98 out of 100. An amazing achievement for anyone, but especially for an Irish lass.


Nouzerines is getting ready for the Tour de France. There’s a new banner up now. In the background you can see the nearly-finished church tower and brand new shiny weather vane.

A blue, white and red bike has appeared by the wooden tour de France sign too.

So that’s the major updates accounted for. Please do check in on where I’ve been putting up new posts and a book review.

PS For the nakedly obsessed reader, the next national naked event is World Naked Bike Day on 18 June. May have to think about that one …