My kitchen is currently chaotic. You’ll remember from this post that I’m currently undergoing training in food hygiene. The trainer will be visiting me next Thursday to draw up a plan on how we can manage kitchen cleanliness when making meals for our visitors. So Chris and I have been doing some long planned kitchen redesigning an reorganising – and scrubbing everything a zillion times as well! We’re in the middle of it all at the moment. Drawer contents are on the counter, there are piles of recipe books on the table, bags of bits of pieces on the floor. Like I said, it’s chaotic.

And is Wendy (the cat) helping?

We’re adding two new cupboards where a table used to be. These will provide much needed extra storage and make the place look a lot smarter. We went to Bricodepot to pick them up. The design of the rest of the cupboards we have, Berry, has been discontinued so we went for the next closest, which was Brive. But when we got back we found that what we’d actually got did not resemble the model of Brive that was on show. I think someone just put a new sign up by the old Berry display. I dislike fussy, fiddly accessories and these Brive cupboards have exterior hinges in pseudo olde worde fancy metalwork. Yuk. Still, we have them and since it nearly killed Chris to put them together we’ll stick with them. Their one redeeming feature is that the facade is a lovely chunk of beech or similar wood. That’s rather classy.

These were by far the most difficult piece of furniture to put together that we’ve ever brought. Chris thought he had these units down to a fine art since we’ve fitted two houses with them already. But the cunning Chinese designers have come up with a few extra frustrating and occasionally impossible to perform touches now. And their instructions have taken on a comic book aspect. We especially liked the CLIC in a star!

We’ve left a gap between the two cupboards as a mini-breakfast bar for Rors. Chris tends to eat at his computer in the mornings, I eat on the hoof so it’s only our Rors who sits down in the kitchen. He now has a nice little spot to munch. The downside to the new cupboards is that they cover up the ledge Chris built out of offcuts of rock, with some gemstones scattered amongst them. This had been to disguise a concrete slab that was there when we moved in.

But we’re getting there steadily. I’ve decluttered extensively and sorted and sifted and done all those ideal domestic goddessy things. Go me! I’ll have a kitchen to be proud of once we’re completely done. So although it’s 99% irrelevant and 100% headache-inducing, this hygiene course had introduced me to some lovely people and given Chris and I the push we needed to tackle the unappealing home improvements that kept getting knocked off the top of the ‘to do’ list by other things – like escaping llamas, plastering, putting up polytunnels, sleeping …

No longer.