#The bad mountain

We don’t often start geocaching while the moon is still up, but this morning we had to take Benj to Gueret station to catch his train. He was back to uni today. It’s a shame to just drive there and back, and since it’s non-term-time (the closest self-employed people with a farm full of animals get to holidays!) we decided to go geocaching in the Forêt de Maupuy in the Monts de Gueret. We wanted to log up our 200th cache before the end of 2015 and we needed to find nine more to do so.

Geocaching by moonlight

We’ve picked up a few caches in the area already, thanks to a very keen local geocacher who has laid more than forty along the many tracks that wend their way through the trees and rocks there. Today’s route took us around the huge radio/TV/something mast on the top of the Mont de Maupuy which is 686 metres high.

Maupuy mast

To our delight, since we love discovering interesting sites and facts, we found that this area is full of quarries. It was once a very busy industrial site supplying blue granite to many big cities in France, including Paris and Bordeaux. One of these quarries now has a walkway through it over the marshy land so you can have a nose around.

Maupuy quarry

Another has now been flooded and is now a lake.

Maupuy lake

There’s a rather handsome memorial to all the quarry workers and stonecarvers in France and overseas.

Maupuy memorial

We got our nine necessary geocaches, despite a couple of them taking quite a bit of hunting for. We were very determined! So altogether a very enjoyable and rewarding morning.