You’ve probably heard all the nonsense about the world ending tomorrow, 21.12.12, simply because the latest version of the Mayan calendar happens to finish that day. (A new one has been found so don’t panic too much.)

However, one French village is definitely going to be OK. Bugarach, near Carcassonne, will be the one place to survive – apparently. Why? Do they bake particularly delicious croissants there? No, this tiny settlement with 200 souls is a magic spot, because it’s on an upside-down mountain. The upper levels of rock are older than the ones underneath, possibly due to magnetic forces or because it’s an alien base or because it’s the entrance to the underworld. Take your pick.

It all sounds a bit far-fetched. However, the French government hasn’t been taking any chances. The watchdog body known as Miviludes, set up in 2002, keeps an eye on sects and people with weird beliefs generally as they can be a danger, particularly to vulnerable people. It’s been keeping an eye on what’s going on around Bugarach. Some New Agers have been converging on the place in the last year or so, together with some American groups who’ve been holding conferences in the area. Approaches to the village will be guarded by gendarmes and pompiers tonight to stop too many people arriving and overwhelming the place. It’s probable that these visitors will be mainly journalists and curious passers-by.

But just in case there is something in it, here’s some cool summer music to party to tonight while waiting for the apocalypse. It’s the French version of Simple Plan’s Summer Paradise, by far the best pop song of this year.

Maybe see you again tomorrow!