When I was little, it was the thing to say ‘White Rabbits’ three times on the first of each month. It was meant to be lucky. I guess some months it was, and some it wasn’t. I’ve tried to find out where this idea came from, but other than it possibly being an extension of a rabbit’s foot being a lucky charm, I’ve drawn a blank. If anyone does know, please let me know.

Made in Peru

Anyway, I’m using the white rabbit connection to launch this giveaway on 1st October. Here’s what’s up for grabs – a cute, carrot-eating white rabbit finger puppet made from alpaca wool. If you want it,  here’s what you do. Leave a comment on this post. That = one entry. And following me on Twitter –  @llamamum – and Tweeting me along the lines of ‘I wanna win the wabbit’ is also an entry! So, you could get two tries to win!

September is ending in a blaze of sunshine and calm weather. It’s fantastic. I’m still swimming every day. Admittedly the water is a little chilly at around 20 degrees, but after a few lengths I’ve gone numb, so it’s no hardship to do another thirty or so. OK, I have to put on socks and a woolly jumper for a while after a get out, and sit and crack walnuts in the sunshine until my heart starts to beat again, but it’s worth it. I love swimming. I’ll keep going for a daily dip until the water drops to about 16 or 17 degrees. That’s truly painful, believe me. Or until the water level gets too low. We have a leak which we will need to sort out in the spring before the swimming season begins. It will be cool to be still swimming in the pool in October – that will be the sixth month this year. It almost makes all the expense worth it!