Alban and Hugues in a pic from their website

Since the tenth of August, two Paris students have been starting to scoot their way around the world. The French word for scooter, the push variety, is trottinette, hence the heading of the post.

Alban Lanthier and Hugues Renou, both 23, are going to spend the next year scooting between 40 and 60 kms a day to get themselves around the world by 13 July 2013. Both lads are lifelong scooterers and so are relishing what will surely be an exhausting challenge. The won’t be scooting every centimetre of the trip – they’ll be hopping onto the odd plane to get them between continents. They’re meeting up with various socially-orientated companies and organisations on their way round, for example one in Cambodia which is trying to stop the general rural exodus by helping to create work for villagers so they don’t have to head off for the city in order to make a living. They’ll be meeting up with anti-deforestation bodies and companies using solar energy too. And what’s more they’ll be giving donations along the way. You can follow their adventures here.

Check out the rest of the boys’ website and maybe you’ll feel tempted to give them a couple of euros. They’re definitely far more worth it than cadging politicians (referring back to the general elections!).

Forgive the slightly short blog post. The canicule was meant to be over today but it’s still remarkably warm, shall we say. Fingers sticking to keyboard and everything else to everything else so it’s not blog-friendly weather. Hope you’re keeping cool.