So, what have we been doing today while the majority of France has been out voting to decide its President for the next five years? (Early reports as I write reckon that Give-Us-A-Fiver François i.e. M. Hollande is the winner.)

Relocating fish. We have too many carp in the smaller of the two Notaire’s lakes so we’re moving around twenty or so of them to the other two lakes. This will leave us with about thirty fish in a one-acre lake where we can feed them up and leave them to grow on into super, big carp.

But of course we need to catch our fish first! Luckily we have our friends Paul and Annette to help us. Paul is an excellent angler and is spending the week helping us out while Annette helps him! He arrived Saturday night and by 7 am Sunday night he had three carp waiting for us in his carp sack.

We weighed them – 11, 17 and 21 lbs – and then carefully carried them separately in the sling to their new home.

Here’s the biggest of the three with Paul:

And here he is with Chris ready to swim off into his new lake.

There he goes …

At the moment we’re only having to cross the track to relocate the fish. Soon we’ll need to take them down to the big lake so we  need to rustle up a carp-friendly transport device. Watch this space!

We’ve also been contemplating a mystery today. Something is nibbling our radishes in the polytunnel. Here’s the evidence.

Chris reckons it’s a slug but I’m thinking along rodent lines. Whoever it is had better beware! I’m not having secondhand veg …