I’m feeling really grim today but I’ve managed a couple of toddles outside with my camera. So here are some shots from around the farm.

cat laid eggFirst up, here’s Gigi guarding the grey chicken’s egg. The daft chicken is currently laying just under the kitchen window, which is a popular sunbathing spot with all the animals. But I’m grateful she’s laying at all, given that it’s midwinter. Plus it makes egg collecting easy when it’s so handy.

breakfast gang1

You don’t get time off to be poorly with this crowd to feed! They aren’t sympathetic at all and were annoyed at being kept waiting a little longer than  usual this morning!

runty ram

Runty the Ram in particular was impatient.

oh noes barricade

Good job I did get out. The llamas had knocked a ladder across the entrance to one of their shelters. There was great consternation as I feed the llamas a few handfuls of grain when they’re in the shed. As usual Katrina was spitty and horrid to the others which, as usual, cut the feeding session short.

Katrina the grumpy left, Oscar the patient centre, and Ciara the long suffering

Katrina the grumpy left, Oscar the patient centre, and Ciara the long suffering


Grainne had also got herself tangled up in some blue string so Chris and I cut her free. I’d heard some rustling behind the tractor and went to investigate and found her. The other llamas hadn’t told us. As you can see, Juliette (left) is more interested in daydreaming while Lulin is keeping a watchful eye on Roly the cat who’s on the hay bales. It was while I was taking this pic that I realised something was going on behind Rusty Deux (the tractor).

juliette lulin roly

Fortunately Chris is fighting fit and has nearly finished plastering the front of the gite.

chris plastering

The new look is great.

new look gite

The wind had got up this afternoon and Oberon and Portia watched me potter past from the shelter of their trailer.

Obie left, Portia right

Obie left, Portia right

The piglets, however, were as happy as anything in the mud, despite the chill!

muddy piglets

So, a quiet day for me but the animals and rest of the family are as busy as ever.