I’ve written many children’s books and was a bestselling children’s author in Ireland. However, in recent years I’ve turned to non-fiction accounts of expat life in France, and adult fiction with a French twist. It’s these latter books I’ll tell you about here. All are available at Amazon.

Heads Above Water: Staying Afloat in France – This book describes our early days in our new country. It recounts how we transformed the long-empty, rapidly-deteriorating houses into a cosy home and a well-equipped gîte-to-be, began to fill our fields with an assortment of animals, starting with llamas, and took our first faltering steps towards self-employment. It’s realistic, honest and definitely not rose-coloured, but also fun, lively, very entertaining and, I hope, ultimately inspiring.

Heads Above Water is an Amazon UK Kindle store bestseller, and has been no. 1 in all its categories at various times.

Total Immersion: Ten Years in France - the sequel to Heads Above Water. It picks up where the first book left off, namely with us about to start earning our living from our holiday cottage, three fishing lakes and team of laid-back trekking llamas. But despite all our thorough groundwork and careful preparation, things didn’t go quite as planned. We hurled ourselves enthusiastically down dead ends whilst simultaneously tripping up over red tape. But with cheerful optimism – at least most of the time – we blundered on, and we’re still here. Not drowning, but waving.

Total Immersion is also an Amazon UK Kindle store bestseller.

Haircuts, Hens and Homicide - Megan finds mayhem when she arrives in France to bury her Gran and sort out her affairs. She expected difficult encounters with civil servants and red tape but not with wandering chickens, an imperious policeman and a dead body. Together with her unlikely new friend, the elderly and grumpy Alphonse and his canine equivalent, Monsieur Moustache, Megan becomes involved in investigating the fowl-related foul play that’s at work in this sleepy part of rural France. She’s helped but mainly hindered by the people she comes across. These include the local mayor, who wants Megan to stay and set up a hair salon in his village to help keep it alive. There are the cousins Romain, the gendarme, and Nico, the clumsy but hunky farmer. They have always clashed, but do so constantly now that Megan is on the scene. Michelle, Romain’s terrifying ex who wants him back, appears along the way, as does Claudette, a wheelchair-bound old lady, and Kayla, Megan’s best friend, who is hugely pregnant but not above taking on the forces of French law and order when Megan finds herself the prime suspect after Alphonse is stabbed. There’s excitement, humour and lots of ruffled feathers in this rom-com slash cosy mystery, the first in a projected series.

Fa-La-Llama-La: Christmas at the Little French Llama Farm - It’s very nearly Christmas and, temporarily jobless and homeless, Noelle is back at home with her parents. However, a phone call from her cousin Joe, who runs a house-and-pet-sitting service, saves her from a festive season of Whist, boredom and overindulging. So Noelle is off to France to mind a dozen South American mammals. She arrives amidst a blizzard and quickly discovers that something is definitely wrong at the farm. The animals are there all right, but pretty much nothing else – no power, no furniture and, disastrously, no fee. Add to that a short-tempered intruder in the middle of the night, a premature delivery, long-lost relatives and participation in a living crèche, and this is shaping up to be a noel that Noelle will never forget. Fa-La-Llama-La is a feel-good, festive and fun romcom with a resourceful heroine, a hero who’s a bit of a handful and some right woolly charmers.

The sequel, Deck the Halles: Next Christmas at the Little French Llama Farm will be published in late 2018.

Coming very soon in 2018: Hate Bale, a rural cosy mystery.

You will soon be able to find out more about my many children’s books at my stephaniedagg.com page (currently in progress).